The quality of this photo is a reflection of the pain being suffered by the photographer

The quality of this photo reflects the mental state of the photographer


That’s the soft little exclamation many French people make at those unexpected wee moments in life.

A coin slips from your grip. you spill a little wine, you crash your car into the ditch…


That was the sound of Sabbatical Man’s perfect driving record evaporating in one teeth-suckingly embarrassing moment when our leased car nudged, teetered, then hurtled off the road, scraping, banging and crashing its way along a steep trench.

Yes, the very road referred to in an earlier blog.

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De-texting in France

First it was the horror of data roaming charges that stopped me texting home.


Bah non

Then the time difference set in – when I am free to text, my friends and family are often asleep or busy.

And now? Well, now it’s a French conspiracy to cure me of my texting addiction altogether.

There are 65.7 million people living in this country and not one of them wants to text me.

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The 10 sweetest French phrases you’ll ever hear

C’est ça – sweet as

Some French idioms are guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial.

They’re not fancy, you probably won’t study them in French class and the person saying them to you will think nothing of it.

You, the novice French speaker, will notice because at their heart these phrases all mean one thing: “You are making sense to me”.
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How Yoda can help your French


The topsy-turvy way many French sentences are structured is a major handbrake for lazy learners like me.

For instance, you can say: “I gave the light sabre to Chewbacca,”  [J’ai donné le lightsaber à Chewbacca]  but it’s much cooler to say “I it to him gave,” [Je le lui ai donné ].

If you complain that Chewbacca won’t give it back to you, you have to do it Yoda-style: “He to me it give back will not,” [Il ne me le redonne pas].

Now you are speaking French.

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