A snake and other creatures

French snake displaying gentlemanly behaviour


The distant call from Large was unusually tremulous.

“Muuuuuuum. There’s a snake.”

I admit it. I rolled my eyes.

I looked at Sabbatical Man and we both thought the same thing. It’s a stick. It’s a trick. It’s a toy. It’s a joke.  Whatever it is, it is not a snake.

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Spring in Provence

This is spring like I’ve never seen it.

Each morning we wake up to find another tree has burst into colour or a fresh crop of daisies or irises or roses has arrived. Just three weeks ago, when we arrived, everything was dormant.

Now, every plant rustles with life – lizards and geckos, occasional squirrels, millipedes, enormous ants, huge flat-looking lady-bug creatures.

The light here is sharp, bright and clear – something we’re used to in New Zealand but is unusual in Europe.

It is quite lovely.


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