It’s not always sunny in Provence


Sometimes it rains.

Sometimes there is work to be done.

Sometimes there is traffic.

Sometimes the food is average.


Sometimes there is no internet.

Sometimes there is a child vomiting bile into a bucket.

Sometimes there is a lot of washing and not a skerrick of laundry powder.

Sometimes the zombie queue waiting for the supermarket to open is just too creepy.

Sometimes there is nothing on TV.

Sometimes there are people who don’t understand you.

Sometimes there are people accelerating through your primary school car park like other people’s children do not matter.

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking.

Sometimes the 20,000km between you and your favourite kebab shop is just too far.

Sometimes you wouldn’t mind hearing a tui.

None of which is anything at all to complain about.

It’s just that no matter how exciting the in-between bits are, everyday life is everyday life, that’s all.


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